Prelel Yu is a fairy at heart who tries to contain her ever growing world in this tiny charming food and style diary dubbed "Prelel the Style Junkie".
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Prelel the Style Junkie Summer Fairy

In this look

ROMWE wedges
Shopojewels necklace
Accessorize flower crown
Wild Doll
Bubbles skirt

lace and rose bandeau

flower wedges

Hello my dear style junkies

I’m so frustrated because the sun decided to shy away from me so I had to compromise and use the lights in my room. Next time there’ll be no more late photoshoots for me. I’m just absolutely frustrated, this day just makes me go ugh. Losing my cellphone really placed a damper on things. Oh and on a positive note, I absolutely love these wedges. I think these are one of those shoes I could wear on a daily basis or at least everyday during the summer. Btw, this is my summer of Spring Fairy.

sweetheart girl

asian style

The usual

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