Last summer, I got my hands on a couple of Pickle Jar PH nifty washi tapes. Now, if you are someone like me, you might not know what to do with your washi tapes but at the same time, you might be itching to get a little crafty. At first, I thought of scrapbooking but since I have been busy the past few months because of my venture (more details soon, hihi), I thought it might be a hassle or I might end up not finishing the scrapbook. And so, with much thought, here are a couple of my washi tape ideas.

I kind of am not a fan of this jar’s lid so I wanted to cover up the design with something cute but unfortunately, my washi tape was not thick enough.

Wall Hooks
I wanted much cuter wall hooks mounted on our wall so I decided to spice up our wall hooks to get rid of that white on white look.

Clothes Pins
Hmm, honestly these would have gone better had I used wooden clothes pins but alas, I have none on hand.

Same with the clothes pins, a wooden hanger would have been ten times cuter.

Maybe, a white phone charger would have been the better choice. If you have a lot of chargers, using washi tapes to distinguish which wire goes with which USB hub might be a good idea.

Light Switch
One of my favorites, Isaac was the one who chose the washi tape design. It came out nicely, looking quite modern.

Small Mirror
Hmm, maybe polka dots would have been better on this mirror but then again, I do not own any polka dotted pastel washi tapes (*cry cry*, need to expand my washi tape collection).

Binder Clip
I once saw a couple of cute but expensive Kate Spade binder clips and that’s probably why I wanted to decorate my binder clips. I really wish I had some pastel washi tapes thick enough to cover up the blackness of the binder clips.

One of my favorite ideas was decorating the box. I had to use lots of washi tapes but it was definitely worth it. You can also use it for giving your friend a present, they might think twice about throwing the box away. As for me, I will be using it to store some of knick-knacks as well as my washi tapes.

Special thanks to Pickle Jar PH for the washi tapes! My favorite was the red washi tape with animal designs.