Dear Dreamers
Christmas to most is a time of gifts, festivities, merriment and simply being sharing the joy with everyone. This Holiday season at Healthy Options, it will be all about spreading the light and basking in the brightness of the holidays with gifts to light up your loved ones’ Christmas.
You might have friends who have been wanting to try organic products but were too busy to buy, did not know where to buy or maybe even just unaware that there were delicious organic food and effective organic health products available here in the Philippines.

Lucky for us, we’ve known Healthy Options for years. I’ve spent a couple of times in Healthy Options as a child with my family. I can tell you that the place is filled to the brim with organic products to boost our health. We started being health conscious as a young age and ever since I was pregnant before and started breastfeeding, I’ve been all about organic in food and in skincare. If you are like me, who is using organic products, why not introduce your loved ones to your organic lifestyle and give them the gift of health?

As a child, I would eat their gummy supplement and it was delicious but it is only in recent years that I appreciated their nutritional value. I started using all-natural toothpastes and sunblocks as a teen. One time, our parents bought us organic snacks. There were even organic snacks for babies! We got two bottles for baby Q, the strawberry & beet as well as the kale & spinach.

When I was pregnant, I started eating chia seeds along with my cereal but I really loved the chia pudding served during the event. I’m going to attempt to make some for myself.

Healthy Options, the Philippines’ first and only retail store exclusively specializing in all-natural and organic products, brings its healthy holiday shoppers a Christmas experience full of light.
With the upcoming excitement for the holidays, the Light Up Your Christmas’ theme from Healthy Options was inspired from that emanates from within ourselves which can be shared with others. One way to spread the light would be through gifts of health and beauty; gifts that benefit gift recipients in the long run, beyond the material aspect.

Starting off the holidays is the annual Healthy Options gift show, happening on October 20 to 22 at Healthy Options Shangri-La and Healthy Options Glorietta 2. Healthy shoppers can pre-order and get exclusive discounts and privileges valid only during the gift show. One particularly exciting privilege is to first witness the launch of the Healthy Options Private label, featuring Healthy Options’ own premium brand of gluten-free grocery items.

Visit any Healthy Options branch to immerse yourself with healthy holiday selections that will light up your Christmas, and be engulfed in the warm glow of light emanating from within the stores. This year, make the otherwise stressful holiday shopping an enjoyable and experiential escape from the chaos the holidays can bring. Beautifully curated Christmas boxes filled with all-natural and organic goods are ready to bring light to healthy shoppers and their loved ones. For those who prefer to shop online at the convenience of their smart phones, gift givers can light up their Christmas with a few clicks through online shopping for the various Healthy Options Christmas offerings.

Shoppers can choose from organic wines, sparkling juices, gift cards, and Christmas- exclusive grocery items. Light-themed gift boxes such as the Sparkle Box, a gourmet selection of healthy treats, the Glow Box, perfect for quick and easy on-the-go snacks that nourish, the Glisten Box, a gluten-free selection of snacks and beverages to light up even those with food allergies and many more such as the Twinkle, and Shimmer boxes, each bring to the table their own health benefits and make gift giving easy to a wide variety of loved ones.

Healthy Options is more than just a healthy shopping destination for grocery items. Shoppers can also light up loved ones’ Christmas with all-natural and organic gifts for beauty. Gift sets inspired by clean and natural beauty can also be found in Healthy Options stores such as the Be Dazzling, Pure Radiance, and Shine On selections.

Sparkle P6,995
Shimmer P3,995
Glow P2,995
Twinkle P2,995
Glisten P2,995
Shine On P595
Pure Radiance P1,195
Be Dazzling P1,095

Everyone was so helpful at Healthy Options Shangri-La, thank you so much for assisting me and my baby! Oh, and I really like this magnetic photo from their photo booth, now I can stick it on our refrigerator.

For more information on Healthy Options and their exclusive Light Up Your Christmas gift show and holiday selections, visit any Healthy Options store nationwide, visit their social media for holiday updates, go to www.healthyoptions.com.ph, or email holidays@healthyoptions.com.ph.