Dear Dreamers
Christmas is always an exciting time. Whether we’re making most of our holidays by going of town or cozying up in the comforts of our bed and just sleep the holidays away, it is indeed a much awaited time.

Our Christmas entitles a much more exuberant one than ever before, thanks to Baby Q. Last year, she slept pretty much the whole time so we were pretty excited about this year’s Christmas.

Unfortunately for us, we all got food poisoning! My and my husband’s situation was severe, but luckily (or not), the egg Baby Q ate was fresher than ours.

Of course, one desires not to mope around during the holidays. Thankfully, prior to Christmas, we already had our fair share of merriment. We ate our favorite foods at Ai Sarap Express and Teresita’s.

I also met up with fellow mommy bloggers at McDo to meet new friends over delicious food, and to try the McShare bundle!

Since I breastfeed, I am not allowed to consume alcohol but thanks to the Belgium Sparkling that May Sparkling sent me, I too was able to partake in the festivities.

To keep us feeling better, it was Biogesic to the rescue.

Christmas is not complete without gifts, right? For a positive Christmas, my Jeunesse family sent me a couple of anion pads!

Of course, Christmas 2017 would not have been complete without my loyal readers! Which is why I want to congratulate Jo Tuason (Uni-Pak) & Nichelle Abawag (AngelSkin)for winning my Giveaways! For those who didn’t win, I’ll be having a mega giveaway to celebrate my fifth year of blogging and welcome my sixth year of blogging!

P.S. I started having breastfeeding problems so the announcement of winners were further delayed. Really sorry!