Dear Dreamers
Fried chicken lovers, rejoice! Ajinomoto has once again brought about a new way to enjoy our favorite food. From making home cooked fried chicken taste even better with Crispy Fry, to now adding a twist of different premium flavors to fried chicken!

Introducing the new Crispy Fry Shake! Shake! Shake! Take your pick from 3 premium flavors: Parmesan CheeseSmokey Barbecue, and Savory Seaweed.

Each pack of Crispy Fry Shake! Shake! Shake! comes with a pack of Crispy Fry and a premium flavor that is good for one kilo of chicken. It also comes with a greaseproof paper bag for easier application of the premium flavor on the chicken.

1. Coat. Spread contents of Crispy Fry® Breading Mix packet (use 1 packet for every 1 kilo of chicken) and generously coat chicken one at a time.

2. Fry and Dry. Put oil in cooking pan and heat until 350°F (use 1 liter oil for every 1 kilo of chicken). Place chicken skin-up and cook for 5 minutes per side. Set aside cooked chicken in cooling rack and let it cool for 10 minutes.

3. Shake. Put 1 kilo chicken inside the paper bag, open and pour flavor packet evenly inside the paper bag (use 1 flavor packet for every 1 kilo of chicken). Make 2 folds down the opening of the paper bag, leaving some air inside and give the bag a few shakes to spread out the flavor seasoning.

4. Serve Hot. Frying Tip: limit cooking oil to ⅓ of frying pan and re-use cooking oil only up to 2 times.

Of course, this is not limited to fried chicken. You can use it on fries or mojos. We tried the parmesan cheese and savory seaweed on fried chicken wings and potato chips. The Crispy Fry itself was flavorful in itself so we made sure that we did not overcoat the chicken because the flavor mix was flavorful too.

The verdict? Ajinomoto’s Crispy Fry Shake! Shake! Shake! is perfect for those who crave for easy to make delicious food. A fried chicken with Crispy Fry Shake! Shake! Shake! is a fried chicken bursting with flavor. The parmesan cheese and savory seaweed are truly savory and will please fried chicken lover who are tired of the usual flavor mixes. Whipping up fried chicken at home will never be the same again.

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