Dear Dreamers
One of the worries of a mom of a growing child is whether or not she gets all the nutrients she needs.

It’s a part of us to be constantly concerned with our child’s wellbeing, and it’s with good reason too. With changing times and busy lifestyles, modern families often neglect their dietary needs while being constantly at risk for diseases.

The good news is that Filipino families can enjoy delicious yet nutritious food options that are natural such as Welch, a 100% grape juice that has been enjoyed by numerous families to date, my family not being an exception.

It was a day of discovery at Welch’s event as moms learned about an easy way to stay healthy with 100% grape juice. We learned that drinking 100% grape juice complements whole fruit intake by providing essential nutrients and more.

People today have a wider range of food choices available. In reality, many families are still unable to meet their daily nutrient requirements which help prevent chronic diseases.

Experts recommend 100% fruit juices as healthy complements to whole fruits. While whole fruits are a great source of fiber, 100% fruit juices also carry essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body to function well and prevent many chronic diseases. For instance, 8 ounces of pure fruit juice such as Welch’s 100% grape juice are equivalent to serving a whole cup of fruit.

Aside from learning the goodness of Welch’s 100% grape juice, the whole family got to taste some of CCA’s delicious recipes using Welch 100% grape juice. The Grape Banana Smoothie and Grape Berry Crunch Muffin were delicious. It’s sweet but not too sweet, it’s a treat kids would definitely love!

We love their photo booth! It’s pretty and the photos printed are placed into magnetic films, perfect for displaying on the refrigerator.

An advocate of better nutritional choice for Filipino families, Welch’s provides a wide range of healthy juice products that are refreshing to the palate and good for the body in the long term.

“At Welch’s, value what’s REAL, we value family, we value health and wellness and we value in sharing what’s good. For over 140 years, Welch’s has been providing families around the world with products that bring a happy balance of goodness and deliciousness,” says Erika Evaristo Rodriguez, VP Marketing of Welch’s Philippines.

Welch’s 100% juice drinks are widely available in retail outlets nationwide.

For more information about the science behind 100% grape juice, visit www.welchs.com. Follow Welch’s PH in Facebook and IG.