Comfort and style are two factors that breastfeeding moms struggle with when it comes to choosing breastfeeding clothes. At least, that was the case in the past. With breastfeeding gaining popularity among moms once again, it’s no surprise that the availability of boutiques offering solely breastfeeding wear is now widespread.

As I’ve shared in my Stylish & Affordable Kaypee Baby Breastfeeding Outfits post, one of the things I missed doing prior to my pregnancy was dressing up. Now, my fashion choices are constrained to factors that affect breastfeeding. Basically, I’m limited to the breastfeeding clothes I have.

I used to hate my breastfeeding clothes but that was before I discovered Kaypee Baby, where there are breastfeeding clothes that are not only comfortable and stylish, but also affordable.
I love that they have dresses that are fit for different occasions. They even have formal wear!

Elegant and comfortable, what’s not to love about these maxi dresses?

I was supposed to wear this dress to Lumine but I was unable to. In the end, I wore it at Teresita’s UP Town Branch grand opening.

A little overdressed? Yes, but I really wanted to find an excuse to wear this beautiful dress!

Now, I no longer have to worry about going to formal parties and events. I used to worry about what to wear because I didn’t have breastfeeding clothes fit for the occasion.

What I love about these maxi dresses is that the dress has its own breastfeeding cover which has ample ventilation.

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P.S. I kept thinking that, in this picture, my baby looks like a Peanuts character, one of Snoopy’s friends!

For more information about Kaypee Baby, check out their Facebook page: facebook.com/kaypeebaby.