Dear Dreamers
 have always found denim outfits on babies to be super adorable. Of course, on my baby, denim outfits are a hundred times more adorable!

I love the look of denim on white, it’s a simple yet lovely combination that I doubt I will tire of.

Baby Q is wearing an adorable My Neighbor Totoro denim jumper that I simply cannot get enough of.

Can you guess that my dress is another breastfeeding dress? These breastfeeding dresses from Kaypee Baby keep getting prettier and prettier, but more importantly the breastfeeding accessibility keeps getting better and better.

I got a couple of new breastfeeding tops which came in all sorts of pretty prints. At first, I thought they were all shirts with plain styles. However, to my surprise, they all came in different styles.
I might add a few to the list of prizes if I ever decide to go along with my birthday giveaway.
Anyway, back to breastfeeding matters. If you follow my Instagram, you would know what snack time looks like for a breastfeeding mom like me.

Check out the rest of my Kaypee Baby breastfeeding outfits.

It’s always a treat to snack on some salted egg chips but these Good Roots salted egg potato chips contains no MSG and no preservatives. Best of all, they use Himalayan salt! I’m not supposed to eat iodized salt because of my condition, hyperthyroidism. These chips go well with my favorite milk boosting drink, M2 malunggay tea drink.