So Natural Woo Lip Oil Plumper Review

Who doesn't love plumper looking lips? I, for one, would love to have plump and supple lips. Luckily, there are lip products like So Natural Woo Lip Oil Plumper that promises to give the lips instant volume.

Woo Lip Oil Plumper Functions
Adds volume

Woo Lip Oil Plumper Ingredients
Peppermint oil
Jojoba seed oil
Coconut oil

I was surprised that the So Natural Woo Lip Oil Plumper gave off a minty feeling, not that I'm complaining, it's actually quite pleasant. Appearance-wise, it looks like I'm wearing lip gloss because this lip oil makes my lips look shiny. What makes it different from a lip gloss is that there this lip oil leaves no sticky feeling.

The So Natural Woo Lip Oil Plumper also comes in a clear variant but if you're looking to give your lips a slight boost in color, then the sheer pink formula is the one for you. It doesn't look too pink on my lips, it actually makes my lips look healthy and pinkish in a natural-looking way.

Intended to be used on its own or on top of your favorite lipstick, I tried using the lip oil before applying my lipstick and though it defeats the purpose of plumping up the lips since it got covered, it made my lipstick application look and feel smoother.

Seoulunni sells the So Natural Woo Lip Oil Plumper for P360.