No Brand Damage Care Red Algae Hair Treatment Review

Recently, my hair has been feeling a bit dry, the kind of dryness you get when your hair is a bit too squeaky clean. In short, my hair has probably been lacking its much-needed oils. I have tons of other remedies in mind, unfortunately, since there is a lockdown, I don’t have much choice in which products I can use. In the first place, my lack of beauty products is the reason why my hair is in its current condition. Long story short, the shampoo and conditioner I currently use don’t work well with my hair.

I’ve had my No Brand Damage Care Red Algae on my shelf for a while and this seemed like the opportune time to try it out.

The No Brand Damage Care Red Algae hair treatment contains vegetable keratin and Irish moss extracted from red algae.

Moisture Balance
Damage Care

How To Use
There were no English instructions so I had to rely on Google translate and I wasn't even sure if I got the correct translation but according to the translation, you're supposed to use it after shampooing your hair.

I wasn’t expecting any sort of miracle to happen to my hair since it was relatively cheap for a 200ml Korean hair treatment but I was at least hoping for the hair treatment to give my hair a little more life. The first use didn’t seem to show any visible effects but after my third use, I noticed that my hair seemed less dry and was somewhat softer.

Appearance-wise, it was clear while the scent couldn’t be described as fragrant, it still smelled pleasing because it had a sort of herbal scent to it.

After my hair dries, my hair doesn't feel heavy or sticky so if you're the type who prefers not having your hair weighed down by hair products then this one is for you.