Face Republic Purity Sun Essence Non-Nano Mineral Sunscreen Review

I'm super excited to share with you that I am now a part of the Charis program which means that I have my own Charis shop as well. The first item that I'll be reviewing from Charis is the Face Republic Purity Sun Essence.

After being unsatisfied with the previous sunscreen I reviewed, I was relieved to receive this Face Republic sunscreen because it was really good in comparison.

Non-Nano Mineral Sunscreen
Recently, I've been into non-nano mineral sunscreens such as this one. Mineral sunscreens form a physical protection on top of the skin to reflect harmful UV rays. Non-nano sunscreens don't have unwanted particles that could enter through your skin and into your bloodstream. As the name suggests, non-nano particles are not small and won't penetrate the skin.

SPF50 PA++++

Jojoba seed oil
Sunflower seed oil
Centella Asiatica
Licorice root extract
Rosemary leaf extract
Matricaria flower extract
Aloe leaf extract

Lightweight and non-greasy, applying the Face Republic Purity Sun Essence was just like applying an ultra-light cream onto my face especially since it leaves little to no white cast. I wasn't able to apply the sunscreen evenly on my forehead which was why there were areas on my forehead that looked white It really looked transparent, it kind of feels like I'm applying essence. It doesn't feel sticky at all and my skin looked slightly brighter. It also feels cool on the skin.

Overall, it's a pretty good sunscreen that is both safe and effective to use. Not only is it not harmful to the skin but it is also not harmful to the ocean (hurrah for non-nano mineral sunscreens). After trying out a cheaper sunscreen, I can tell that the gap is wide with good quality sunscreens such as this Face Republic Purity Sun Essence. It definitely has good value for money and I would recommend getting this sunscreen if you want to try out a non-nano mineral sunscreen.

Watch me try on the Face Republic Purity Sun Essence.

Here's the updated appearance of the Face Republic Purity Sun Essence.

My Charis shop is selling the Face Republic Purity Sun Essence for P550.


  1. A must have skincare 😍 to protect our skin from sunlight 💕💕💕


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