AMOS Professional The Green Tea Shampoo (Fresh) Review

I’ve recently been worried about hair loss, I’m not sure if the hair loss is due to stress or due to my thyroid condition. Nonetheless, I decided to try this Korean shampoo that’s supposed to give hair loss relief while nourishing the scalp. The AMOS Professional The Green Tea Shampoo (Fresh) is an award-winning shampoo that was created by a Korean professional hair brand for salons. They believe that beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp.

Hair loss care
Scalp & hair care
Hair strengthening
Hair volumizing

Free from these 5 substances
No silicone oil
No mineral oil
No animal ingredients
No Imidazolidinyl Urea
No Triethanolamine

Green Fresh Scent
Green Tea Mint

The AMOS Professional The Green Tea Shampoo (Fresh) leaves my scalp feeling cool and refreshed while it’s on my scalp, the cool sensation disappears after rinsing off the shampoo. I really like how soothing it feels on my scalp. I like how it’s able to wash away the excess grease from my hair without making my hair dry. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth.

You can get the AMOS Professional The Green Tea Shampoo (Fresh) at my Charis shop for P580 ($11).