Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream Review

I truly believe that if you want to keep looking young, then taking care of only your face’s skin is not enough. When you look at someone’s face, more often than not, your eyes will catch a view of that someone’s neck as part of your peripheral vision. This is why I also apply skincare such as creams and sunscreens onto my neck.

Why do I have to use a different cream for my neck?
The problem with using the same creams for my face and neck is that my face has oily, acne-prone skin while my neck tends to be normal or dry. Meaning, my cream for my face is lighter to prevent my pores from being clogged. Meanwhile, I would look for something heavier and thicker for my neck. You’ll notice that your neck will have some lines because the skin on your neck can’t helped but be folded while you move your head and neck around. To prevent these lines from deepening, a thick cream is necessary but if you have a cream that’s made specially for the neck such as the , then that would be a better option for your neck.

Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream Features
Thread like neck wrinkle care cream
Contains UK DSM's patent peptide ingredient and low molecular collagen
Clinically confirmed to improve neck wrinkle and elasticity
Strengthens the skin barrier

Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream Review
Thick and creamy, the Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream definitely fits my criteria for what I look for in a thick cream. It has an interesting texture where the cream sort of stretches in a slime-like manner, but unlike slimes, it appears to have a lot of threads. I tend to sweat a lot, especially under my neck which is why I like how the cream doesn’t make a mess (despite its thickness) even though my neck has become sweaty. It’s quick to settle on my skin and adheres really well to it, which explains why it doesn’t make a mess when my neck becomes sweaty.

Despite being such a stretchy-looking cream, the Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream doesn’t feel sticky at all. It feels and looks slightly oily. I don’t mind the oiliness because my dry neck definitely needs some oil. I love how my neck looks and feels moisturized after using this cream.

I found that it also works great for my stretchmarks on my tummy area.

Where to get it?
You can get the Medi-Peel Premium Naite Thread Neck Cream on Shopee for ₱583. Currently, you can also avail of their free gift, the Medi-Peel Phyto Cica-Nol Spot Patch, if you get the neck cream on Shopee. You can also get it on Lazada.


  1. Karen MirafuentesMay 29, 2023 at 6:16 AM

    Stretchy but not sticky. Wow! at first, I thought t'was sticky.. This so nice, worth to try! My neck need this tooπŸ˜„

    1. I also thought that it would be sticky but luckily, it wasn't sticky at all! It's great for dry necks.πŸ’•πŸ’•

  2. I also use this neck cream and I really like the texture, it is thick but not sticky on my neck.


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