Maxclinic Lip Spread Review & Swatches

If you love soft pink lippie shades like I do, then you’ll love this nude pink shade from Maxclinic. Maxclinc’s Lip Spread is a creamy matte lip tint that features five different shades. These Korean lip spreads come in a minimalistic packaging that exudes elegance.

Maxclinic Lip Spread Shades
01 Nudy Chic
02 Mood Vibe
03 Deep Attention
04 Fearless
05 Urban Appeal

MAXCLINIC LIP Spread Swatches

Maxclinic Lip Spread Review
I love how pigmented the Maxclinic Lip Spreads are. If you watched my video, you can see how the 01 Nudy Chic can cover even darker shades of lippies, its light pink shade shines through vividly, instantly giving my lips a nude pink appearance. I like how creamy the lip spreads are, making it easy to spread on my lips. These lip spreads also leave with a matte finish but I love how it doesn’t dry my lips, leaving them still feeling moisturized despite the matte finish. They’re also transfer-proof and mask-proof.

Here is how the Maxclinic Lip Spread 01 Nudy Chic looks like on my lips.

I also did an ombre look with the Maxclinic Lip Spread 01 Nudy Chic and the Maxclinic Lip Spread 05 Urban Appeal.

Where to get it?
You can get Maxclinic Lip Spreads on my Charis Shop for US $18 (Php 1,030).