Mixsoon Bean Skincare Haul


If you’ve seen a cute Korean serum with a bear as its packaging before, then you’ll probably be familiar with K-Beauty brand Mixsoon. I’ve been eyeing to try their serum before, mostly because of the cute packaging. I actually mistook this serum as a toner because of its big packaging. Fortunately, I’ll not only be able to try the serum but other skincare products from Mixsoon as well, specifically the bean skincare line.

Mixsoon Skincare Haul
Mixsoon Bean Cleansing Oil
Mixsoon Glacier Water Hyaluronic Acid Serum
Mixsoon Bean Essence
Mixsoon Bean Cream
Mixsoon Bean Eye Cream

Listed above is the sequence of how I use this Mixsoon Skincare Line. If you’re not into skincare that leaves your skin looking shiny or dewy, then you’ll like this skincare line because I find that it leaves my skin looking more matte than dewy but it does still look moisturized. 

I’ll be blogging my reviews for each product soon and I’ll update this post with the links once I upload the reviews.

Where to get Mixsoon?
You can get Mixsoon on StyleKorean.