Florals on Florals

Hi all, as you can see, I’m still in that awkward fashion phase where I try out different styles. I do try to add my own twist in it. Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss. So for this look, I used my floral knapsack which I use for school plus other floral pieces and tried doing a florals on florals and I think it came out better than I expected but my friend and I both like my other spring outfit better. So I tried pairing a not so lightly floraled piece which is the dress with my floral tights.

If you’re asking for advice, I’d say there are a lot of ways to pair floral pieces, like pairing it up with a floral bag such as mine or floral booties, oxfords, tops and etc. You could try pairing subtle floral pieces with subtle floral pieces or subtle with bold pieces. You could even try pairing bold pieces together. Just try to find the right type of floral prints to pair with since there are a broad range of floral prints diverse in colors and design. So.. watchoo think about my new look?

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