Back To School In Pastels

It’s not exactly the start of school for me, but the other day I went to school to enroll for the new semester. Yesterday I went to school as well to sell food as a concessionaire at our school’s ORSEM. I’ll talk about my ORSEM food concessionaire experience in the next post where I’ll show you what I wore there. I’m really excited to show you those pictures!

I’d offer some back to school tips but I can only think of tips for incoming freshies at out school. First of all, TBA stands for to be announced and not the name of a venue or a professor. And maybe one tip I really wished I was given was to dress light, as in really light. We only have a few air-conditioned classes but it’s really rare for a freshman to have one of those. But that is so not the reason why I wanted to dress light.

The whole first week was probably all about me going around the school looking for my classrooms, going to the wrong building and basically me walking around the school doing stuff that needs to be done. Oh and lastly, I recommend using a backpack where you can fit your notebook or notebooks.


ROMWE bow shorts; ROMWE flower embroidered tights; ROMWE magnetic buttoned backpack; Forever 21 long-sleeved top; Jellybean toecap flats