Dainty Days

I have a question. Am I… becoming more dainty? I wish, sigh. You know when I chose the necklace I’m wearing in this photo, I didn’t expect it to complement my dress. But when I opened my package and saw the gold and green necklace on top of the cream dress, my heart sank and I just stared at it for quite some time but then again I didn’t have anything better to do in the car so I just looked at the combination, mesmerized and all.

I mentioned that what I’m wearing was a dress but why am I wearing shorts you ask? Well, the people in this house are pretty conservative. You should have heard me when my mom asked me why was I wearing a mini skirt in the picture, then I was like, “I’m wearing shorts!” while pointing at the lace shorts in the picture. And then she was like, “Oh, well, that’s a nice picture.”

Oh and remember when I mentioned something about my recent pictures having a different feel in one of my previous outfit post? I stepped up my game when I reflected on what my photography teacher said on my portfolio. She said I had the natural eye and creativity but when I looked at my older outfit posts, I didn’t find any of that. Maybe there were a few but still, I thought it was impossible to be creative with the photos when I don’t have full control of the camera (I use a tripod with some help and sometimes a remote). But after seeing these recent photos, well I guess I proved myself wrong!

Sorry for my mumblings but guess what, I’m having another giveaway! I was contacted by the owner of LSN Fashion last week and I was, of course, delighted at the chance to work with her. I checked out both of her shop and bought myself a pair of pre-loved shoes from her other shop, Fash Co. This is my second time buying secondhand shoes. The first pair, I used for an outfit and a tutorial on how to disinfect shoes and eliminate shoe odor. And the second one, well, I’m wearing them in this outfit lol.


The sponsor gave me earrings as a gift but sadly I my ear piercing (ear hole? what do you call it?) closed because of an infection when I was in the first grade, I was rushed to the emergency room because of that. I love the earrings but I’m just not ready to have my ears pierced yet huhu. But again, thank you so much dear for sending me this!