Ginza Bairin Tokyo, Authentic Katsu Since 1972
Ginza Bairin, is the second restaurant offering katsu set meals that I have ever tried. Their katsu set meals include unlimited Japanese rice, Japanese pickles, cabbage salad and miso soup as well as a serving of fresh fruits. Some set meals come with sesame seeds.

Just like I mentioned in my Kimukatsu post, I like the aroma exuded from crushing sesame seeds.

We ordered two glasses of bottomless iced tea, each glass costs 95 pesos.

Kushi Katsu Set 345 Pesos
Their kushi katsu set, which is made from skewers of tenderloin chunks and onions, was simply scrumptious. It was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. However, I found it a tiny bit bland but the aromatic sesame seeds and savory sauce made up for that.

In retrospect, maybe I should have dipped the skewers of tenderloin onto the sauce rather than pouring the sauce over the tenderloin.

Rosu Katsu Curry Set 375 Pesos
Their rosu katsu set, which is made from deeply fried pork loin, did not come with sesame seeds, not that it needed any, it had its own curry sauce.

Each table comes with condiments such as tonkatsu sauce, wasabi shoyu dressing and roasted sesame dressing, to make your Ginza Bairin dining experience much more flavorful.

You can find Ginza Bairin at Glorietta 2, Trinoma or UP Town Center. I dined at the UP Town Center branch, their address is Unit-A 112-UP Town Center Katipunan Avenue.