My friend and I went to Kamirori Cafe, a Japanese restaurant, to grab a quick bite before going back to school. Kamirori Cafe is located at the second floor of the Petron Station at Katipunan Avenue. At the time when I dined at Kamirori Cafe, I did not know that they had a stall at our school’s cafeteria which is called Kamirori Express.

Yasai Soup (40php)
Their yasai soup was delectable. However, I found the portions too small.

Calamansi Juice (55php)
Their calamansi juice is typically served cold. However, because of my cold, I requested that they serve it hot. Drinking the hot calamansi juice made me feel so much better.

Hiyashi Ramen (165php)
Their hiyashi ramen had shredded crab meat, julienned cucumbers, batonned scrambled eggs, diced ham, sliced tomato, sesame seeds and noodles.

Katsudon (185php)
Their katsudon had pork cutlets, green pepper and carrots as well as egg.