Happy Thanksgiving! I do not have turkey but I do have large fried chicken to share with you. Last August, I decided to go with my parents to dine at Hot Star after they continuously insisted that I should try it. They raved about how large the fried chicken is and how the store concept originated from Taiwan. They started out in Taiwan’s Shilin Market and now they have stores in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the Philippines. But you already know that, right? I admit this post is a little too late, the Hot Star hype is already going around.

Near the counter, we have the unlimited rice gravy, utensils, water, straws and paper bags. The gravy is for dine-in only, if you order for take out, you have to add 10 pesos to receive a container for the rice gravy.

I like the interior. It’s my favorite kind of place to take pictures of. There’s the gray walls, nice pictures and lots of natural light to go around.

Ice Crush (45php)
Their ice crush comes in almond, black gulaman and combination. My parents and I ordered the combination crush drinks. My mom liked almond part but my dad and I liked both the almond and the black gulaman. It costs 45 pesos each but you only need to add 25 pesos if you choose to upsize your meal.

When my parents told me that their fried chicken was large, they were not exaggerating. Since it was my first time ordering from Hot Star, I did not want to order a lot so I did not make my order into a meal. Upgrading your order into a meal costs only 35 pesos, this upgrade includes rice and a drink of your choice. If only I knew beforehand that their rice was only a small portion, I would have availed of the meal upgrade as well. Since I did not have rice, I decided to order mushroom soup which costs 35 pesos. Aside from chicken, they also offer fish, spaghetti, fries and more.

Crispy Barbeque Large Fried Chicken (125php)
I was unable to finish the spicy crispy large fried chicken I ordered. When I got home, I ate it without reheating it and it still tasted pretty good despite the fact that it got cold. My parents were even complaining that they could smell it from across the room and that it smelled so delectable. Also, their barbeque large fried chicken is sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Original Barbeque Large Fried Chicken
For my succeeding visits to Hot Star, my regular order is original (breaded) barbeque large fried chicken meal with an upsized drink of combination ice crush and a side of mashed potato.

Original Large Fried Chicken (110php)
For their large fried chicken, you can choose from original (breaded) or crispy (batter) and spicy or not spicy. I prefer eating their original version because of their breading but I find that the options that are not barbeque or spicy to be lacking in flavor. If you’re thinking of taking it home because of the large size, better think twice. In my friend’s experience, reheating the original large fried chicken at home made the texture of the breading somewhat unpleasant as compared to the ones freshly served at Hot Star.

The Hot Star I dined at for this post is located at Unit 104 Bluebay Walk, Metropolitan Avenue, Pasay City. The next time I dined at Hot Star was at Katipunan since it is pretty close to school, I just have to cross the blue footbridge. Their Katipunan branch is a good place to chill and study. They have a lot of outlets for charging but they do not have wifi though. I heard that they also have a branch at Banawe. By the way, right after dining at Hot Star, I dined at Bar Dolci.