Katsu Cafe is the third Japanese restaurant offering katsu set meals I mentioned in my Kimukatsu post. This is one of the places offering katsu set meals with more student-friendly prices. Despite the budget-friendly prices, the food tastes scrumptious nonetheless. Their katsu set meal includes refillable Japanese rice and miso soup alongside cabbage salad, the katsu of your choice and a tiny mortar of sesame seeds. Drinks are not included in the katsu set meal, I ordered Sola iced tea for myself.

I really liked their interior design, the wooden feel of the place accentuated their choice of black and red dinnerware. The place really brought out the food in the pictures I took thanks to the interior and great source of natural lighting.

The first thing to arrive at the table was a mortar of sesame seeds and a pestle to grind the sesame seeds with.

The scent exuded from crushing the sesame seeds entices my appetites.

Also, I recommend dipping the pork katsu on the tonkatsu sauce rather than pouring the sauce all over the pork katsu in order to preserve the crispiness. Maybe try placing a pool of the tonkatsu sauce on the side of your plate so you can dip from it.

We first drank the in order to prepare our tummies for the unlimited rice as well as to have our soup refilled. The miso soup was rich in dashi and tasted good. The second time around was just as good.

Without the sauce, the pork katsu tasted a bit bland. However, it tasted scrumptious with the sauce and other condiments.

I found the dressing on the cabbage salad to be lacking. Considering that the salad is not refillable, maybe they should add more dressing to the salad.

Better save up on the sesame seed they give at the start of the meal since they don’t add sesame seeds on the refilled rice. When one of my friends ate here, he used up his sesame seeds on the pork katsu. Although, it is a matter of taste how you would want to use your sesame seeds.

According to one of my friends, the rice they use it not Japanese rice but another kind of rice with good quality. They probably soaked it in water for a long time in order to make it sticky. Also, I like the taste of their rice with miso soup.

I was not able to try the chicken katsu set so I do not really know much about its taste.

The chicken katsu set costs 195 pesos while the chicken katsu a la carte costs 130 pesos.

An order of miso soup costs 60 pesos while an order of unlimited rice costs 80 pesos. However, unlimited miso soup and unlimited rice are already included in their set meal.

Katsu Cafe is located at 329-I Katipunan Ave. Cor. B Gonzales, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.

I just dined there recently and I saw that they do deliveries now to nearby areas such as Katipunan, Xavierville, Varsity Hills, Ateneo Campus and Miriam Campus. You can reach them through 434-4076 and 09323514243.