Right after dining at Hot Star, we went to Bar Dolci, which is located at Bluebay Walk as well, to grab some gelato for dessert. At that time, their gelato was priced half off as part of their promo. It was a great deal for their delicious gelato.

After consuming some of their richer gelati such as the Ferrero gelato, you would want to drink some water. Their bottled water costs 30 pesos while their sola is priced at 65 pesos.

Aside from gelato, Bar Dolci also offers macaron, dolcita, fruit jelly, salad, pasta, pizza, sandwich, panini, calzone and beverages. I was not able to do so but I kind of wanted to try their dolcita (70 pesos). According to their menu, a dolcita is gelato sandwiched in between two macaron disks then dipped in chocolate and nuts, it is the best of both worlds.

According to Bar Dolci, their gelati are “authentic Italian and Filipino ice cream” which uses all-natural ingredients. They are freshly produced in each store at a daily basis. My parents was able to talk to some of their staff and they mentioned that it is their chef who comes up with new flavors for their gelato.

Their gelati come in numerous flavors such as dark chocolate, Ferrero, cappuccino, blueberry yogurt, hazelnut with Nutella, French vanilla, Manhattan cheesecake, browned butter pecan, salted caramel, pistachio, white chocolate wasabi, cherry cobbler, strawberry cheesecake, black forest, green tea, cookies, toffee Roca, Mexican hot chocolate, limoncello, bubblegum, chocolate mint and straciatella. They also serve sugar free-gelato which is priced at 195 php.

A gelato in a small cup or cone is worth 130php (at full price). Their gelati are served in small (130 php), medium (175 php) and large (220 php) cups.

I was able to try their white chocolate wasabi but only for a bite as a free taste. Just like my parents did, you might find the taste weird because it features wasabi as part of its ingredients but I found the taste okay. But then again, sometimes I do have weird taste. You might or might not remember this but I have blogged about trying blue cheese gelato before.

You can ask for a free taste of the flavors before choosing to buy the gelato flavor of your choice. At that time, I tried five different flavors.

Their macarons come in cafe, chocolate mint, salted caramel, banana chocolate, chocolate chip, snickers, strawberry, pistachio, green tea, peanut butter, dark chocolate, vanilla, Thai tea and tiramisu.

Fruit Jelly
According to their menu, their fruit jellies are “naturally produced fruit gelatin, perfect for a sweet snack.” A single piece costs 15 php while a bundle of 8 is priced at 100 php. They come in orange, black currant, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry.

Tried their tiramisu macaron.

Aside from Bluebay Walk, you can also visit Bar Dolci at Burgos Circle and Eastwood.

Their takeout styrofoam boxes which come in pints and quarts.

We ordered Ferrero, hazelnut and limoncello. We chose to dine in despite ordering a takeout box. It was my parents who chose Ferrero and hazelnut. As I expected, these two flavors were rich in texture and melted gloriously in my mouth. As I mentioned before, you would want to drink water after eating their richer gelati such as these two flavors. In order to contrast these richer gelati, I chose limoncello as my choice of flavor. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur which strongly captures the flavor of lemon minus the sourness that is associated with pure lemon juice. I was so excited to try this flavor and it did not disappoint my taste buds. It left a zesty yet refreshing feeling in my mouth. It was slightly lighter in texture and a bit more watery as compared to the Ferrero gelato and hazelnut gelato but it was not too light that you would associate it with sorbet.

Life Is Sweet!