“Hope Is A Waking Dream.” - Aristotle

Aside from the dresses that I fitted for special occasions such as the dress I wore as a bridesmaid, this is probably the first dress that flows a little bit beyond my ankles that I have ever owned. Or maybe it is more like that this is the first maxi dress that I have chosen on my own accord. I do not usually wear maxi dresses but it is not because I do not like maxi dresses. On the contrary, I do have a soft spot for maxi dresses. It is just that I have not found a maxi dress that fits my liking, until now that it. I like how this dress feels and the way it flows when I move around, it is probably thanks to the chiffon fabric that the dress feels elegant. Out of all the possible colors that this dress came in, I adored the “watermelon” color the most and luckily for me, my skin tone says likewise.

I almost wore this dress for my yearbook pictorial but I chose not to since I decided that the dress was a little too formal for a “casual” themed photoshoot. I would have loved to have worn this and have this immortalized in our yearbook. However, I was so shy, I thought that the other people in the yearbook pictorial room would stare at me. Unfortunately for me, at that time, there were hardly any other students in the room. Right now, I kind of regret not wearing this dress but still, the outfit I wore for my yearbook photo was still pretty so no worries. I would not have minded outfit repeating either, I would have worn the exact same dress and shoes minus the bouquet of flowers to the photoshoot.

As you may or may not have noticed, I really tried experimenting with new styles with Milanoo. Last time, it was trying out a floral bodycon dress and this time, it was a high neck pleated maxi dress and a pair of t-strap pointed heels.

Milanoo watermelon ruffled high neck pleated chiffon maxi dress; Milanoo black studded t-strap pointed heels