After hearing about The Clean Plate being a restaurant that serves organic food in a delicious way, I definitely wanted to try it out. They are a farm to table restaurant that uses clean ingredients which are fresh and natural. At first, I found the prices too high for my student budget, but luckily, I found a voucher deal offering half off the prices.

“The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.”

“To eat is a necessity, to eat intelligently is an art.”

They also sell Twist products, dinnerwares, kitchenwares and even fancy tea pots inside the restaurant.

According to the server, some of their best sellers include salpicao, honey beef belly roast, callos, lengua and the Twist famous Filipino style tulingan.

They serve their water in wine glasses.

We ordered the Ratatouille pizza (305 pesos) which contains organic eggplants, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, mozzarella, herbs and fresh pomodoro, it is served with organic hot sauce as well. After watching the movie Ratatouille, I really wanted to try eating Ratatouille and this was the closest encounter I had in doing so. By the way, the Ratatouille pizza is a vegetable dish and a pretty tasty one too.

We tried slicing the pizza with our knife but because the crust was so deliciously crunchy, it easily cracked under the knife. Instead, we resorted to using our hands to eat and it was less messy than I expected.

Isaac said that the hot sauce was probably vinegar-based with a hint of spiciness. The spiciness was so mild that only the first bite with the organic hot sauce gave off a spicy taste.

The Ratatouille may be the second least expensive pizza on the menu but it is the most delicious dish among our orders. We both agreed that the pizza tasted the best followed by the salpicao.

I find the black rice Valenciana (260 pesos) similar in taste with my sister’s favorite black rice pudding which we used to eat at Super Bowl when we were much younger. It gave off a slightly spicy and milky taste along with a creamy texture. Served along with the cold pressed coconut milk infused black rice are free-range chicken, naked chorizo and mussels.

The mussel was so delicious. You could tell it was fresh because of its sweetness.

The Mushroom y crema pasta (395 pesos) contains organic shiitake, oyster, fresh goat’s milk and organic wheat penne. This dish is probably our least favorite, I am not sure if it is because this was the first one to go cold.

The Salpicao (520 pesos) was scrumptious but a bit too tough for a tenderloin. It tasted salty so it is better to eat it with some garlic brown rice which comes with the dish.

Their salpicao consists of grass-fed beef tenderloin, garlic and organic soy sauce.

We noticed that the plates of the dishes itself were not heated. Isaac told me that these kinds of restaurants usually heat their plates in order to prevent the food from easily getting cold. Even if the food was served hot, the place was cold because of the air conditioner so they should have heated the plates to make up for it.

The Clean Plate was the place where my I Miss the Days outfit post took place. We had to come back a second time because we did not make a reservation the first time around. It seems like we were not alone though, we saw a couple who were also voucher holders being sent away for the same reason. I kind of wanted to eat outside because of their artificial grass covered tables, that is until I saw an ant on the table hence I settled for eating inside. The Clean Plate by Twist is located at the second floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue.