Tokyo Tonteki is one of the Japenese restaurants that offer set meals but what sets them apart is their specialty, thick and tender pork steaks that have been “Tontekified”!

Outside their store, you can take a look at their window display to gain a little sneak peak on how their food will look like.

Tokyo Tonteki’s pork steaks undergo three steps, the Tonteki Three. They go through selection wherein only premium high-grade pork loin steaks are chosen. A unique low temperature cooking technique is used on the pork loin steaks. Lastly, the pork loin steaks are Tontekified in their original signature sauce.

On the table were Japanese mayo and wafu dressing which go with the cabbage salad. You can mix the wafu dressing with the Japanese mayo. The wafu dressing seemed like canola oil with sugar. The server also provided us with roasted sesame dressing for our cabbage salad.

The promo of 499 pesos for two includes your choice of regular tonteki set (200g-250g) which is regularly priced at 375 pesos or tonburg steak set (300g) which is regularly priced at 375 pesos. For the sides, you can choose from stir-fried bean sprouts, stir-fried whole potatoes, and stir-fried japanese mushrooms.

The miso soup was served first.

I love the rich taste of pork coming from the miso soup. Contrary to the usual miso soup that I have encountered, there were a bits of pork and onion inside the soup. Even after drinking most of the soup, there were still pork bits and onions left. We ended up using them as toppings for our Japanese rice.

They provided us with pickled vegetables.

Similarly to the katsu set meals that I have mentioned before, Tokyo Tonteki’s set meals include unlimited miso soup, cabbage salad and Japanese rice.

Some parts of the pork were tough and some parts were very tender. Isaac commented that the pork was plain but I told him that he should have dipped it in the sauce. After dipping it in the sauce, he said that it became richer in taste. He mistook the sauce for oil because the sauce got camouflaged in the dark color of the cast iron pan.

The server offered to cut the tonkatsu into bite-sized pieces.

The stir fried Japanese mushroom with bonito flakes taste great. It would taste even better if you add japanese mayo on top of the mix.

They were very generous with the serving size of this sidedish.

The kitchen staff were great. They were quick on their feet, whenever we needed refills, they were always swift in responding to our needs. Also, I was happy that the walls had outlets. I thought that it might be nice to study or meet with people there. 


Tokyo Tonteki is located at the ground floor of UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue.