fter dining at Scoop and Shots, we were craving for desserts or at least something sweet. We chanced upon Neptune’s Milkshakes and Beyond after we had a game of League of Legends at Mineski.

Dunno about you, but the interior seemed a little New York-ish to me.

They offered milkshakes, smoothies, coffee and food.

The Oreo milkshake (110 pesos) was yummy, it tasted like, well, oreo. It came with whipped cream on top so if you prefer yours without the whipped cream, you should request it upon ordering. Isaac ordered it because it was one of their best sellers.

The Sunburst smoothie (110 pesos) was very citrus-y which is probably why they call it sunburst, it was probably choke full of vitamin C. If you like sweet things, you should probably go with the oreo since the sunburst tasted like it had grapefruit and like grapefruit, it had a tiny hint of bitterness. Also, if you try to savor the smoothie, you might be able to bite the tiny seeds it had. The seeds could be strawberry seeds or some other fruits’ seeds.

A pile of notes were pinned up on their wall.

Neptune’s Milkshakes and Beyond is located at 325 Miranda Building, Katipunan Avenue, Corner Dela Rosa Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.