One school day, I was looking for a restaurant specializing in shrimp of which I remembered was operating at Oracle building. However, to my surprise, I found Scoop and Shots in its place. You can watch NBA games, play 2k15 and eat meals as well as satisfy your ice cream craving at Scoop and Shots.

Written across a chalkboard wall is their menu which features comfort eats, pasta, sides and ice cream. According to them, ribs are their best seller followed by their spaghetti with meatballs.

By the way, I am wearing my denim dress from my Denim Darling Returns outfit. After dining at Scoop and Shots, we went to grab some drinks at Neptune’s which is also located at Katipunan.

The bones of the ribs (199 pesos) which we got were cartilages and according to Isaac, they are edible so he said that the meat goes to me while the bones are all his.

Even though I was the one who ordered the ribs, we ended up trading orders because their ribs consisted of 50% cartilage. I have a dislike for eating cartilages, however, it was perfect for Isaac who enjoys eating cartilages.

The ribs came with buttered corn and carrots.

According to Isaac, their ribs were good since the meat was tender. At some point, Isaac felt like he was getting tired of the taste, so we ordered additional garlic rice (35 pesos)

The carbonara (149 pesos) was creamy and the bacon bits were crunchy. It was scrumptious and much more flavorful than your average carbonara.

Drop by Scoops and Shots at the 4th floor of Oracle Building located at Katipunan Avenue. Scoops and Shots is located beside Lacquer Nail Bar.