Finally, my order from Amazon via Kango Express has arrived! I blogged about the Kango Express Philippine Launch last October 28, 2015 and now, I am so excited that I can finally share with you my happier shopping experience with Kango Express.

First and foremost, what is Kango Express? Well, my dears, Kango Express is the newest package forwarding service in the Philippines. They are a world-class package forwarding service based in the United States which empowers consumers to purchase items from online stores in the United States and Europe to their home or anywhere else in the Philippines.

So, why is their arrival a big deal? You might have experienced trying to shop at US-based online stores only to find out that they are unable to accept Filipino credit cards or ship to the Philippines. This is where Kango Express comes in, you can choose to have your package shipped to their US warehouse and they, in turn, will ship your package from their warehouse to your doorstep. As for the payment situation, Kango Express will soon have a buying service to aid their potential customers.

If you’re wondering, Kango Express does not charge a membership fee, service fee, package handling fee or have any other hidden charges. Their pricing is simple and straightforward; you may also use their cost calculator to forecast how much you should pay. Also, Kango Express allows their customers to save 30%-60% of their shipping costs through Kango’s leading resizing service which you can avail for free.

Customers can choose from their Direct Service or their Consolidation Service. If you are in a rush, choose their Direct Service which allows customers to have their packages delivered quickly and straight to their door. However, if you can wait, you can take advantage of their Consolidation Service which allows customers to pick up their packages at Kango’s local offices while taking advantage of lower rates and transit times of air service.

Now it is time for me to share my happier shopping experience. I made my purchase with Amazon. Isaac has been pining over this Joyce Chen 14-inch carbon steel wok. He saw a similar model over at Crate and Barrel but the problem was that the one they had over there was a non-stick version. I’m not going to pretend that I understand the difference but according to Isaac, the carbon steel version would last longer. So, we set out to scour the internet and lo and behold, we found one at Amazon. This “discovery” took place around 5 months ago and since then, we were unable to find a Joyce Chen 14-inch carbon steel wok in the Philippines.

Here is where Kango Express comes in, I purchased the wok at Amazon and had it shipped to 12256 Nicollet Ave S., Burnsville, MN 55337, Kango’s US warehouse. You can find your Kango shopping address in your dashboard, it is pretty similar to what I just mentioned except for the difference in our Kango account number which I left out. Your Kango account number should be addressed in the address line 2. This is important to note so the folks over at Kango Express knows that the package belongs to your account.

Once my package arrived at the Kango Express US Warehouse, the next step I took was to key in what sort of service I wanted. I chose the consolidated service because it was cheaper. Now, my mistake was not using their cost calculator to forecast my shipping costs. This was my first time buying something as heavy as this wok so I was a bit taken aback at the cost but then, I realized how heavy the carbon steel wok really was. Learn from my mistake and make use of their cost calculator first. However, remember to take their free resizing service into consideration, their resizing my package really did cut back the cost significantly.

Once I scheduled my shipment for Friday, I went and paid my shipping costs through Paypal. For my Paypal, I used my PayMaya card which I reloaded at a 7-Eleven convenience store. The whole international online shopping thing really got a whole lot simpler than it used to. Before I even realized it, my package had already arrived at my doorstep while I was at work. You need not worry if you are still confused on how Kango Express works, their excellent customer service will be there to assist you. I was really surprised on how much they had assisted me in my Kango Express experience. I received emails and calls on how I should proceed next with my order. I just want to say that my Kango Express experience was not only happier, it was fantastic.