Tucked away in the bustling streets of P. Noval lies a retro diner ready to be discovered by foodies and anglophiles alike. The Eatles is hard to miss, especially with its big, bold letters plastered on top of a colorful lighted signage. Not to mention, it has a working telephone booth for a door! It totally reminds me of the Tardis. Now, does that not beckon you to just step in and check out this quaint, British-themed diner?

Oh, and if you look closely, you will see a drum set beside their signage.

Upon walking up the stairs, you can spot the "Abbey Road".

Did I mention that the telephone booth has an actual working telephone?

Now that we have established that The Eatles is an Instagram-worthy place, it’s time we check out their food.

Say hello to their oh-so-interesting best-seller, The Eatles black cheeseburger.

The appearance of The Eatles Black Cheeseburger (P175) certainly entices the taste buds. The charcoal bun is what makes it looks so interesting but the burger seems to be artfully arranged as well. Despite it being a bit difficult to eat, it still tasted good. Cheese and an crunchy onion ring in a burger? Yes, please. Even though the fries are just a side dish, I must commend on how the fries were still a bit crunchy even when they got cold.

Simply scrumptious.

For some strange reason, this Carbonara Ala White Album (P195) strongly reminds me of my favourite noodles from Taiwan. It was probably because of its strong onion flavour making it taste more like onion soup which makes it unique. Aside from the onion flavour, it was creamy and had the occasional savory bacon, I probably will not get tired of this taste. I really liked their carbonara, I would probably come back for this dish because of my love for pasta and its resemblance to my favourite Taiwanese noodles.

The pasta was cut into bite sized pieces which was nice. Personally, I usually do not cut my pasta but I noticed that a lot of people here do cut their noodles into smaller pieces.

Check out the Fab Four Cheese Pizza (P365). It’s absolutely witty, right? I do love a good cheesy pizza. It was deliciously chewy and mouth-wateringly stuffed with cheese, I could clearly taste the cheese.

Usually ovens cook pizzas for around 11-13 minutes but their oven can do it in 3-5 minutes. I like that they serve the food fairly quick since I am an on-the-go person.

The food was surprisingly unique, I assumed that it would be a typical British restaurant and that their strong point was their concept and ambiance, but boy was I wrong. I would definitely come back for the food. Their customers are mostly students and it seems that their food and feel cater to students. With that said, I felt a twinge of sadness that The Eatles were not near my school back when I was still studying. By the way, The Eatles is located at P. Noval Street, Manila right beside UST near Dapitan Street. Also, I would like to thank Len and Brix for the invite!

Fun fact, the kitchen is actually inside an old bus cut in half.

Recently, they expanded their dining area so there is no need to worry about coming in big groups.