Ever dreamed of going on one of those super romantic dinners, one which seems to be taken out of your favorite romantic movie? Not all of us are lucky enough to experience their idea of a perfect lunch or dinner date. However, dining at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge can offer you an experience which fits that perfect romantic date or at least come close to it.

Small huts, 2-storey garden gazebos and a fancy indoor dining area, Ninyo can offer various kinds of dining experience, just choose the sort of ambiance you prefer for your date. For an even more romantic time, avail of their petal and candlelight set-up. Judging from the looks of their set-up, it seems as though every detail has been meticulously orchestrated to craft the ideal romantic feel which entices one’s appetite for a meal of fine dining.

I was able to experience dining at Ninyo thanks to Isaac. For my Valentine’s Day/graduation present, he bought a voucher from MetroDeal for P1,989, the romantic meal for two was originally priced at P3978.

Such description of food on the Degustation de Amore truly stimulate one’s appetite.

Bread was served while we waited for our food.

For our wine, we each had a glass of Eye Spy, Vintage 2012, an Exquisite Carbenet Merlot red wine from Australia.

For starters we had the Crispy Kani Salad which contains crisp crab sticks, assorted mixed greens and seasonal fruits, sprinkled with black sesame dressing.

Japanese mesuna, arugula, romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red radish, quail egg, red cabbage, crispy crab strips and grapes are the components of this delightful dish.

Until today, the Crispy Kani Salad remains as one of my favorite salad. Delicious and uncommon, the black sesame dressing is truly a treat for my palate. Coupled with crispy crab sticks and sweet seasonal fruits, this salad produces such pleasing textures.

For the Amuse Bouche, we had Nasu Miso, a pan-fried dressed Japanese eggplant with a sweet and savoury miso glaze. Dishes based on eggplants are just a few of the dishes I tend to avoid, however, the Nasu Miso was actually enjoyable. It turned out to be something I would crave for.

According to the menu, the Nori Pumpkin Soup was creamy pumpkin soup served with pumpkin flower tempura but I do not recall being served with pumpkin flower tempura. The soup falls a bit short on my expectations. Do not get me wrong though, it was uncommon and delicious especially with nori plus I love pumpkin soup. However, I was expecting something a bit more unique for our soup.

Serving the soup in a small mug was a nice touch despite making the serving look small. On the contrary, their soup had the same serving size as soups served in other fine dining restaurants despite its looks.

Refreshing but small in size, the Yuzu Sorbet will keep you wanting for more after a bite filled with the complex citrusy-floral flavor of the yuzu fruit.

Aside from the superb food and fancy set-up, their service is excellent and note-worthy. After setting down the entree, our server offered to take our photo with the food before we digged in.

Set on light wasabi mashed potato and served with caviar cream sauce, sauteed wakame and asparagus, the Salmon Confit does not disappoint, unless you prefer your salmon slightly raw like Isaac does.

Savoring the salmon confit with each and every component of the dish was truly a pleasure. Mix and match the components and delight yourself with different flavors for every combination of this pond-like wonder.

Isaac’s choice of entree was the Grilled U.S. Clod Tender Steak in garlic soy marinade served with grilled Japanese sweet corn and buttered seasonal vegetables.

Last but not least, we had Green Tea Panna Cotta for dessert. It was a fitting end to our lunch date, considering that I met Isaac because of panna cotta.

A “love lock” was inclusive to our meal.

Couples would write their names on the lock and throw the key into the well.

Dining at Ninyo Fusion Cuisine was truly a pleasure, we had our money’s worth especially thanks to the voucher we had. Also, I will be blogging my outfit separately.

Ninyo Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge is located at 66 Esteban Abada Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City.