The year 2016 has arrived. It is up to you whether or not you choose to embrace a whole new year of hardships, sadness, happiness, adventures, discoveries and life. I’m pulling up this specific outfit from my queued outfits because it reminds me of how I had high hopes for the world of “adulthood” specifically on how I would become as an employed person.

We do not always get what we want but when change comes, we embrace it, be it petty or major. For example, I always assumed that I would wear this type of outfit to work but boy, was I wrong, I ended up going for something more comfortable like slacks, tights and flats. I will show you one of my work outfits in one of my next outfit posts.

The bottomline is that change happens for a reason, for a purpose. We will not always see the purpose immediately but when change hits us, we may end up wondering how is it that we ended up in this situation despite our initial thoughts of hoping to never end up in such a way. We can choose to turn our backs on it but we know all too well that we may never be able to run away from our new reality.

So, it is my great joy to welcome 2016 and all that it brings with it. Here’s to new beginnings and more adventures. May we aim higher and embrace change with hopeful eyes filled with blazing sparks.

Ramblings aside, I did wear my sheer sleeveless top to my interview since it is kind of like my lucky top. But since getting in my current job, I have not worn it yet. However, I have worn this striped skirt to my presentation but I paired it with tights and flats instead.

The whole skirt was practically made of garter, I’m not too sure on this but it was just so stretchy that I wondered why they incorporated a zipper on this skirt. Despite my inclination to designating this pleated skirt for work or for something formal, I think that it would be perfect for casual occasions and parties.

Forever 21 apricot sheer sleeveless top; Romwe black and white striped elastic pleated skirt; Romwe black bunny bag; Payless nude pumps