Craving for something sweet? Something sour? Or are you in the mood for something salty, bitter, spicy, umami or astringent? All these 7 flavors can be found at the buffet over at 7 Flavors, a restaurant by Chef Boy Logro. We just spent around four hours learning how to cook at Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy, so Isaac and I were hungry for some good food.

Sumptuous a la carte dishes are served on their first floor.

Listed below are 7 Flavors’ buffet rates: 
P399 for lunch 10AM - 2PM, Monday to Thursday
P499 for dinner 5PM - 10PM, Mondays to Thursday
P599 for lunch 10AM - 2PM, Friday to Sunday
P599 for dinner 5PM - 10PM, Friday to Sunday

Potato croquettes, macaroni salad and apple pies were some of the appetizers they served that night.

They had a salad bar too.

Their main dishes include breaded shrimp, chicken with cashew nuts, pork barbeque, seafood masala and more.

Beside their carving station and sushi boat is an ice cream station as well as a halo-halo station.

They have more desserts like cream puffs, rum balls, mango tapioca, coffee jelly and ube cake located near the drinks station.

My favorite was their make your own taco, I mostly ate tacos and ice cream, I remembering drinking a lot of soup as well. Overall, I would recommend 7 Flavors if you need a venue for parties and celebrations considering they had great ambience, 3 function rooms and most notably, a 5-hour dinner buffet.

7 Flavors is located at 196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan. You may reach them on the following numbers: 503-6750 / 543-0325 / 721-0653 / 542-1935 0917-670 0291/ 0917-6203619