As promised, I will now be sharing my pregnancy experience! For four months now, I have been expecting a bundle of joy. I am currently on my second trimester, at the start of my fifth month, and I am scheduled to take an ultrasound next month so I can finally know my baby’s gender. I didn’t plan to have my baby at such an early age, but when it happens, you just learn to appreciate the experience of a tiny life growing in you.

Before I proceed to a little more of my pregnancy experience, I would like to talk about my outfit first. This all-black ensemble was my outfit to a cooking class at Manila Culinary and Hospitality Academy. For fear of getting my outfit dirty, black just seemed like the obvious choice and these boots were the closest I had to clogs. As for the black dress, my mom bought it for me and it was pretty adept at hiding my small baby bump.

H&M black straight-cut frilled and tasseled dress; black hat; black tights; Payless Shoesource black boots

As a young and first time mom-to-be, there are a lot of struggles and questions that I had. Some of these questions, I searched the net for answers while others, I asked my mom. One of my struggles was what kind of crib I was getting. Since I live in a very small space with my husband, we needed a sort of space saver for a crib. My mother suggested one of those playpens that can be used for the baby’s sleeping space as well.

There were a lot of choices at the Baby Company in SM Department Store but we were able to find the perfect one. It was sturdy and had stable footing, the brand was Giant Carrier. It was a crib, playpen, and changing station, all in one setup. To top it all off, we bought it for only around P8,000, if I remember correctly, it was on sale at that time and we were able to get a big discount. We got the purple one since it was the only color left. Also, one of the best part was how it was easy to change from a crib to a playpen, it just needed a few buttons to snap on or snap off plus to fold it, you just need to pull something in the middle, it was definitely perfect for moms who might need to go around places a lot. Anyway, wish me luck on my journey to momhood!

“Love Has Nothing To Do With What You Are Expecting To Get - Only With What You Are Expecting To Give - Which Is Everything.” ― Katharine Hepburn