Six months pregnant! Can you believe it? Times flies and I cannot wait to see my baby soon. Yesterday, my Mom and I shopped for some of the basic needs that a baby would need as well as some of my maternity needs. Becoming a mom is a big transition, your world no longer revolves around just yourself. One of the things I have taken careful consideration of is that I should say goodbye to toting around small bags. I realize that I would need a lot of bag space for my baby’s needs such as diapers, baby powder, baby wipes and more!

My solution to my dilemma is this cute tassel handbag I got from Goods.PH. Just because I am about to become a mom, does not mean I have to stop thinking about style. But of course, functionality comes first. Aside from being spacious, it was surprisingly light despite how it looked like. Its lightness is super crucial to me because I might end up choosing to use a baby carrier rather than a baby stroller. However, its most important feature is its sturdiness. Honestly, it is pretty well made for a P249 bag!

I really liked this handbag’s style, white and brown is definitely one of my favorite color combinations. The gold accents really highlights its style. Even if I was not about to become a mom, I would still love to use this bag for occasions because of its lightness since I usually use small bags because I do not want to carry heavy things. I would probably wear it to work or special occasions since my camera fits nicely in it without making the bag look too bulky. All in all, I am pretty happy with this bag.

If all their items are as good and as high quality as my new handbag, I would definitely purchase some of the things I have been eyeing on their site. I browsed through their baby care products and they are definitely cheaper than the ones I saw at the mall yesterday, especially if I choose to avail of their 5% discount for bank deposits.

Goods.PH white tassel PU high quality leather material hand bag; Forever 21 white sheer ruffled collar jacket; Forever 21 cream sleeveless straight-cut lace dress; Zaxy black sandals

If you are wondering about the title, I named this outfit bright and white because some people speculated that I might be having a baby girl because of that pregnancy glow.