The past few weeks have been exciting and hectic for me, I was supposed to write this blog post last week, but it just so happened that my water finally broke. I named this post “Excited but Doubly Scared” because I was scared about the pain associated with childbirth but doubly excited to see my baby girl. Just a few days before giving birth, I was once again admitted at the hospital because my cervix was 4cm dilated. Long story short, my baby girl is finally here! I was busy recovering and adjusting to the new changes in my life, I have had sleepless nights taking care of my baby girl and before I knew it, almost a week had already passed.

I wore this outfit at the Grand Launch of A. Refinery, it was taken at UP Town Center when I was a few months pregnant. Time really flies.

gray chiffon bow blouse; Romwe tulle skirt; Romwe mint bow heels; brown satchel bag

Congratulations to, Roxane Cabile-Montierro, Elle Bama, Ayeng Abon, Lyne Qui Ming and Jervie Morales for being the final winners of my Gum Alive giveaway! As for the week 1 (Allan Reyes), week 2 (Zj Macabinquil) and week 3 (Precious Joy Angeles) winners who failed to send me a message via Facebook, new winners have been picked namely, Chard Fernandez, Sherry Ann Gole Cruz and Aine Garcia. Congratulations again to the winners, kindly send me a message via Facebook page. Thank you everyone for joining!