Last October 8,2016, I was invited to try a dish of my choice at Ramen Cool, a Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen.

Aside from ramen, they also served mixed rice, donburi, ala carte meals, sushi, sashimi, drinks and desserts.

They have around 18 variety of ramen to choose from.

After my pampering session at Nailaholics, it was off to Ramen Cool for me. Ramen is actually one of my pregnancy cravings. Isaac and I frequently ate at ramen places because both of us were craving ramen all the time. Ramen is actually responsible for some of my pregnancy weight gain spikes because there were some incidences where I could not resist ordering extra noodles.

Isaac and I have actually tried Ramen Cool before since it was close to where Isaac used to work. We were glad to have tried and given Ramen Cool another chance because the ramen we tried in this post was way better than the ones we tried before. On our first time at Ramen Cool, Isaac ordered the Pork Shioramen (P190), it was the cheapest ramen on the menu and a letdown, Isaac kept complaining about how disappointed he was with it. Luckily, I went with my gut and ordered their Hiyashichuka (P205), which is cold ramen, and I was perfectly happy with my order.

While waiting for our ramen, we requested for some service tea. Their service tea, rice tea, is surprisingly flavorful.

This time, Isaac learned his lesson and let me choose their bestseller, the RCool Ramen.

The RCool ramen contains crabmeat, corn, pork chashu slices, soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. The broth is rich, not as rich as ramen priced more expensively, but rich enough. The pork chashu slices were okay, not the melt in your mouth kind but still chewy. The wheat noodles were firm while the soft boiled egg was slightly runny, just the way I like it.

The serving was actually quite big, without Isaac’s help, I probably could not have finished it if I ate it all by myself. Generous in toppings, the RCool ramen was enjoyable to consume because it had all my favorite toppings. I was especially surprised that it had kikurage or wood ear mushroom.

Overall, the food was good especially for its price but I would recommend going for their bestsellers rather than the cheapest ramen on the menu. The service was okay as well, even during our first visit where there were more customers. As for the ambiance and interior, both Isaac and I really liked it, there were sakura tree decorations in the restaurant which I really liked. For the rating, I gave Ramen Cool a 4 out of 5.

Ramen Cool is located at the ground floor of West Life Building, West Avenue, Project 7, Quezon City. Other branches include SM City Manila and Kapitolyo.