Hello! As you may or may not know, I finally gave birth to my baby girl last November, which means that I am officially a mom! So a few days ago, my baby just turned a month old and if we follow the one month Chinese tradition, it’s finally time to reveal her name! Her name is Qlyliz, named by the same crafty person who gave my name, my dad.

If you have noticed, I did not greet you with “hello my dear style junkies.” This time, I greeted you with “dear dreamers.” I have been thinking about changing my greeting since my blog name is no longer “Prelel the Style Junkie”. Since I changed my blog name to “Prelel Dares to Dream”, “dear dreamers” just made more sense and calling Qlyliz a little dreamer seemed to make even more sense to me.

This gift I got from Little Dreamers PH came just in time for Baby Qlyliz’s one month milestone. It also came with a sweet message from the shop owner. Also, I love the shop name, because I think of my baby as a little dreamer!

It’s sad that the Christmas outfit can’t fit her yet but I’m crossing my fingers that it will fit her next Christmas.

The blue one is a flapper dress inspired onesie. Now she even has clothes for formal events!

She looks like she’s ready to save the world!

I love the pink Supergirl outfit with the cutesy tutu the most, not only because it’s the one that fits her the closest but also because I love watching Supergirl! I’m really happy that this one roughly fits her because all of Qlyliz’s clothes for going out does not fit her yet, only the pajamas do.

Exclusively breastfeeding her is not the only challenge I faced, taking care of such a tiny baby alone was really scary for me because she seemed extra fragile, she came out at around 6 pounds. No one at home or even my husband dared to take care of her for fear that they might hurt her so I ended up taking care of all her needs.

After going through a case of the “baby blues”, I finally got the hang of taking care of her although there are times where I still get really stressed. Despite what I went through, I’m really glad I took care of her hands-on, because of that we really bonded. Speaking of bonding, one of my favorite bonding moments with her is dressing her up. One of the perks of having such a tiny baby is that baby clothes look extra cute on her!

Such tiny feet for such a big dreamer.

I love seeing her smile, especially if it’s directed at me! At first I didn’t know that this expression of hers was a smile, I only realized it when the pediatrician’s secretary pointed out that Qlyliz was smiling. I just love that she smiles when she’s in my arms.

Here’s a video of me and baby Qlyliz.

Many thanks to Little Dreamers PH for sending me these cute clothes! If you love dressing up your baby in cute clothes and tutus head over to their instagram page, they are also selling matching adult onesies!


I have been looking for carriers to hold baby Qlyliz while keeping her in her super cute clothes because she refuses to stay in a stroller. I have considered carrier slings and backpacks and I found another great idea, the Kokopax Baby Hoodie carrier, which I found on their website. It’s a hoodie and a carrier combined, it keeps mommies and babies warm and snuggly!