Prior to the Grand Launch of Bigmk, I finally tried the makeup goodies I got from Features and Shades at the E! Bloggers Ball. Features and Shades is owned by the same company that handles Fashion 21 Cosmetics. I have tried using one of Fashion 21 Cosmetics makeup products before, and I think I prefer using Features and Shades.

In this post, I will be sharing with you my experience with the Features and Shades loose powder, eyeshadow and liquid lipstick. I was unable to share with you my experience with their makeup remover because I did not find anything that sets it apart from other makeup removers. It does its job perfectly in removing makeup, it can also remove eye makeup. As for the Colorific Lipstick samples, I will be giving away two of them in my Commenter of the Month activity.

What I really liked about the Features and Shades products are its innovative and handy features. Despite the elegant and sleek design, their products actually come in pretty affordable prices. My first impression of their products was an expensive and high quality line of makeup products, however, their actual prices ranges from around P225 to P1,000+.

A fine and weightless powder, the FS Loose Powder left a matte finish. I found it easy to blend when I used my makeup brush and not the small brush it came with. The detachable, retractable brush is pretty handy for retouching makeup especially since I prefer bringing small bags to events, that’s one less bulky makeup brush off my bag.

I fell in love with this lipstick the moment the makeup artist popped open this lipstick at the E! Bloggers Ball. With such an innovative feature, P350 for this illuminating lipstick is not bad at all. I find it perfect for events, parties and travel adventures, you don’t even have to go to the comfort room to find better lighting, you can just pop open the lipstick and apply it in front of its built-in mirror. Despite its features being my favorite part, the lipstick itself is not bad, it lasts long and it does not leave my lips dry, one of the things I dislike about other lipsticks is that it leaves my lips with a dry feeling. The shade I got was Petunia in semi-matte, I would have preferred the Sakura or Coral though.

It seems as though being “compact and handy” was the key feature in mind when they came up with these products and the Single Eyeshadow was no exception. Each Single Eyeshadow can be detached and “snapped” on their FS Quad Palette, as the name suggests, you can choose four shades of eyeshadows and attach them on a palette.

Applying eyeshadows are not really my forte but I could not resist using the Ruby Stone eyeshadow because this sophisticated-sounding shade looks elegant in my opinion. I usually go for this type of eyeshadow shade because I love how it looks on my skin, shining and shimmering in a shade of elegance.

This is my second attempt in creating a makeup video, you could say I have improved a little. This time, I had a headband (courtesy of Features and Shades) to keep my bangs in check. Plus, I started using Premiere Pro again for video editing.

My first swatch (lol). I really love the Ruby Stone shade, it’s the one at the bottom. These swatches were made after I gave birth, hence the damaged cuticles which I got from picking up my baby too hastily. See my baby’s first photoshoot as The Little Dreamer!