Back when I was working for Takatack/TackThis!, one of the products that caught my eye was Top-O, short for topical oxygen. I was interested in finding out how the supplement works and luckily, I was able to do so because I was invited to Top-O’s blogger party.

During the blogger event, I found out that Top-O is a skin moisturizer for all skin types and conditions. It can cure rashes, acne, eczema and more! Top-O comes in a lightweight canister which has a capacity of 80ml, perfect for traveling. It composes mainly of dissolved oxygen as well as sea salt and water.

Unlike the face mists I used a few years ago, Top-O does not leave a sticky residue. It’s easy to use, around five sprays is enough for the face. Strangely enough, the one who enjoys using Top-O the most is Isaac. His face is often dry and most facial products are too harsh for his face. Ever since the blogger party, both of us have been religiously using Top-O on our faces.

Because of the cold weather, my usual oily face has turned dry and Top-O is the perfect reliever. Usually even just using Top-O is enough, however, I cannot say the same for Isaac since his face is too dry and often times I see him scratch his face, but when I told him to use an oil-based moisturizer after washing his face and at the same time, use Top-O whenever his face feels dry at any time of the day, the condition of his skin has improved measurably. Recently, I seldom see his scratch his face but when he does, it is just out of habit.

As I mentioned, Top-O is good for all ages, which means even babies can use it. Qlyliz had a bad case of diaper rash on her first week of life and it really gave me a lot of problems so I stopped using baby wipes and started using warm drinking water instead. However, I cannot avoid using baby wipes when we go outside. My solution is spraying some Top-O after using baby wipes and it has worked wonders for baby.

After seeing mosquito bites on my baby, I felt really sad and worried for fear of dengue. To relieve baby of these mosquito bites, I sprayed some Top-O on Qlyliz since I was unsure of what kind of lotion or ointment would be safe for baby. The owner of Top-O recommended that I use Top-O on mosquito bites. To be safe, I started using Off! Lotion on myself again, in hopes of repelling mosquitoes.

Today, we no longer leave the house without Top-O. It has become something the entire family uses. Even when we had a road trip, we constantly used it since the fatigue made our faces extra dry while baby was more prone to diaper rashes because we had to use wipes all the way. Thankfully, no severe rash came out of the trip, just a few small bumps, all thanks to Top-O.

Here is a video of me talking about what I found out about Top-O Oxygen Supplement. Apologies for the haggardness!

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Good luck and have a Top-O-rrific New Year!


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