When Isaac kept inviting me to go on a road trip with him, my primary concern was mosquitoes. Ever since I got dengue, I cannot help but be worried about mosquitoes. Right after giving birth, I saw a dengue mosquito at my parents’ house and I freaked out because I was carrying my baby then and the mosquito was just within an arm’s reach.

Both Isaac and I have been victims of dengue. We got dengue at different times but both of us were hospitalized because of it. Prior to getting dengue, I was unaware of just how life-threatening dengue can be, it was only when I experienced it for myself that I realized how dangerous a single mosquito bite can be.

Ever since I got dengue, I always keep an Off! Lotion with me. It’s the mosquito repellent that I have been using since I was a child. Whenever we travel, like when we went to Burot Beach, I insisted on bringing an Off! Lotion. This year’s road trip is no exception, Isaac wanted to break in our car so we went from Manila to Baler and Baler to Baguio then back home to Manila.

Like I mentioned in my Top-O review and giveaway post, I started being vigilant about mosquitoes once more. But thanks to Off! Lotion, I didn’t have to worry about mosquitoes during the road trip, I just concentrated on seeing the sights and making sure baby Qlyliz got everything she needed.

Our first destination was Dipaculao, we thought it was Baler because the car’s navigator brought us there when we imputed Baler Bay. It was a nice and serene place. It had cottages and a pool for those who want to stay there. The owners will even cook for you if you ask. However, this was not our destination so we decided to move along. It would have been perfect if Qlyliz had been a little older.

Isaac had always wanted to go to Baler which is why our initial plan was to go home after seeing Baler, however, we decided to head on over to Baguio.

Sadly, the weather hindered our plans. We could not go strawberry picking because of the rain. So we just ate at Good Taste after sleeping the rest of the night away.

We ordered half garlic buttered chicken (P180, garlic rice (P35) and birds nest soup (P115).

Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant is located at Otek Corner Carino Street, Baguio City.

At first, I was against going on a road trip since I was tired from taking care of Baby Qlyliz. However, I realized that a road trip was the perfect way for me to stave off the baby blues and a road trip was also a good way to bond with my baby, since Qlyliz seemed bored at times at home. I’m sure baby Qlyliz loved seeing the sights because her eyes were wide and bright whenever she saw a new place.

I definitely did not have to worry about mosquitoes thanks to my Off! Lotion. It’s just too bad that the rain placed a damper on our plans.


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