Dear Dreamers
A fruitful and fresh day awaited mall goers as Fruitas held the Fruitas Habit event where everyone got to enjoy learning about proper fruit consumption, eating at the fruit buffet, playing games to win Fruitas gift cards and more!

I was really excited for the Fruitas event, not just because it was so I could learn more on how I can help my baby be healthy but because I really love Fruitas. One of my pregnancy cravings was mango and a cup of Fruitas mango shake really helped satiate that craving. I was really thankful that at least one of my pregnancy cravings was a healthy one. Fruitas was very available, some malls have more than one Fruitas stand which I’m grateful for because I could easily satiate my cravings.

Me and my baby definitely enjoyed the fruits buffet. I love the reassurance that feeding and introducing my baby different types of fruits was beyond healthy for her.

The winners of the Kids Fresh Art were awarded during the event and the creative artworks of participants lined the venue as well.

Shake/Smoothie cards and a choice of fruit was given to participants of the game booth. It also came with an adorable Fruitas Habit pin and a Juice Avenue eco bag.

Young Bobby and Robby Morris of the MoCa Family Farm RLearning Center shared some pretty interesting insights. One statement that I found to be very useful was to take three bites of a new food before saying no or that we don’t like the food.

Pinggang Pinoy was mentioned by registered nutritionist/dietitian and nurse, Armi Montano who told us the importance of fruits and a balanced diet.

Loot bags were given to kids who won the Taste, Feel & Smell guessing game; Baby Shark Competition; and Bring Me game. The Taste, Feel & Smell guessing game challenged the wits of the kids who absolutely know and love their fruits.

Capping of the event was a bento making demonstration. Blogger Kaye of Bento Mommas created a simple yet super cute bento (packed meals) that was both healthy and easy to make. Parents and kids went home with tons of learnings on health and fruit consumption from the Fruitas Habit event held at Fisher Mall.

The event was open to everyone who registered for free. Everyone got to take home Fruitas cards, eat fresh fruits and learn more about the benefits of a fruitful habit, all for free!

For more information on the Fruitas Habit and Kids Fresh Art contest, you may follow Fruitas on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/FruitasShakes), Twitter (https://twitter.com/fruitasshakes), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/fruitasshakes/).