Dear Dreamers
There is no doubt that food and family come together hand in hand. Throughout the years, dinner time has been known as a time where all the family members can come together to sit down and share their day. However, given that the time we currently live in is a time of rapidly evolving technology, one cannot help but resist in prying their hands off their phones.

A company known to make home cooked meals even more delicious and enjoyable, Ajinomoto showed us just how we and our kids could let go of our phones and just have fun!

We had a blast at Trampoline Park! I had to carefully look after my baby because my husband just whisked off on his own to jump to his heart’s content. Nonetheless, me and my baby still had fun with some light jumping and playing at the giant foam pit.

I could tell that she appreciates the activity since she hardly sees other kids around her age (Yeah.. I think she had fun watching other kids play lol). She’s really friendly but the babies we meet that are around her age are not as active and noisy as her, so being with already kids was already a treat for her.

To be honest, I thought that Ajinomoto chose Trampoline Park because their new product is named Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake! and the activity entailed jumping. Everyone jumping would be like chicken being shaked. I still don’t know if they chose Trampoline Park because of that (lol).

We were all introduced to Crispy Fry® Shake! Shake! Shake!® which puts an exciting twist to the family’s favorite Crispy Fry® fried chicken with the addition of three new flavor mixes: Parmesan Cheese, Smokey Barbecue, and Savory Seaweed.

Crispy Fry® celebrity endorser, Donna Cruz-Larrazabal, brought along her young sons – Cian and Gio – to join in on the fun as well. For the Cebu-based actress-singer, wife, and mom, events like #CrispyFryPlayDay are one of the many ways she and her husband can spend time with their three kids amidst school activities and work schedules.

As the #CrispyFryPlayDay came to a close, everybody went home with happy hearts and tummies – a satisfying end to what was a fun-filled day!

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