Dear Dreamers
Social media is about connecting people, connecting them with other people, opportunities, stories and more. Stories can now reach people further than it could ever have in the past, connecting them on a whole other level.

Partner storytellers of NGP came together at #Connect2018: Festival of Stories to celebrate and kick-off a promising new year of connecting stories.

An eventful night awaited us at Twin Oaks Place, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City! Fun, food and an Instagrammable venue, what’s not to love?

Event Baby Q had tons of fun, thanks to the ball pit!

Glad I got my Kaypee Baby mustard breastfeeding top in time for the event!

Popcorn and cotton candy was served as snacks. Scrumptious bites from Fisher Farms were also served, I love their smoked bangus and bangus dynamite stick!

I love the idea of their backdrops! If I ever live in a bigger place with room for a mini DIY studio, I’d love to imitate their backdrops!

Coin Wall
Japanese Lantern Installation
Giant Jenga Jitters by Cemex
Augmented Reality Photobooth by Greenfield Development Corporation
Cool Shades of Summer by AJ Research & Pharma
Toss Like a Boss by ARC Refreshments Corp

The highlight of my night was most definitely when I won the grand prize of the raffle! I won an O Home Zen 4-in-1 Bladeless Fan! I really need this for my baby and I’ll let you know why and what happened in my O Home Zen 4-in-1 Bladeless Fan review.

Thank you so much to my NGP IMC family for having us! It truly was a night to remember!