Dear Dreamers
A simple yet powerful phrase, “thank you”, these two words go beyond its intended meaning. It is a phrase often uttered and yet often forgotten. When we do remember to say thank you, there are times where we unintentionally and unknowingly brighten up someone’s day.

Don’t you agree that it’s better to start early in teaching our kids the importance of saying thank you? As far as I can remember, I’ve never been stingy with saying my thanks. Unconsciously, I think I’ve been passing that on to my baby!

Whenever she brings me something I’ve pointed for her to bring me or when she suddenly shares with me her toy or food, I have always thanked her. Now, whenever I thank her, she always smiles with her big, bright smile. Sometimes, she even claps!

Tiny Buds Baby understands just how important it is to teach our little ones how to say thank you as early as possible.

Me and my baby really loved their story. When my baby first saw the book, she immediately grabbed it and opened it, she was staring at the cute design for minutes!

Of course, she adored this cute Twiga stuffed toy! Twiga is the main character in their story of “Twiga Learns How to Say Thank You”!

You can get your own free copy of their story from their limited edition Tiny Buds Natural Baby Bottle & Utensil Wash where the story comes in a tiny booklet.

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To learn more about Tiny Buds and their line of natural products, visit their website at tinybudsbaby.com or visit them on Facebook at FB.com/tinybuds.