Dear Dreamers
When you think about Lily’s Peanut Butter, the first thing that comes to mind is the creamy goodness that is unique to their peanut butter. As for the second thing? As an avid consumer of Lily’s Peanut Butter, you probably can’t help but smile upon thinking of how much glasses you have at home thanks to Lily’s.

There is something about Lily’s peanut butter that makes one think of awesome childhood memories. The familiar nutty taste of Lily’s go hand-in-hand with memorable experiences, whether sharing a sandwich with a best friend at school or being comforted by mommy with a favorite snack after a difficult exam.

Lily’s peanut butter is more than just comfort food. Its sweet creaminess evokes powerful recollection of wonderful past experiences. Reaching out for a Lily’s peanut butter is actually reaching out for good times. Each sandwich slathered with Lily’s is like a spread of love because every bite brings back unforgettable childhood moments - like one’s first taste of peanut butter or waking up to mornings with pancakes and a peanut butter spread made by mom.

As we evolved, so did Lily’s. Today, Lily’s is no longer just the sweet peanut spread that we’ve come to love but a versatile kitchen staple that can transform ordinary fare into dishes that are exciting, delicious, and nutritious.

“But from these moments, we grew up and became mothers ourselves – maybe a bit like our own moms but more tech-savvy, hands-on, and into healthy lifestyles,” said Newborn Food Products, Inc. Brand Manager, Jennifer Liza.

My new favorite among their line of peanut butter is their chocolate peanut butter. The chocolate spread fad paved the way for Lily’s Chocolate Peanut Butter, which combines the indulgence of chocolate with good old Lily’s classic peanut butter. High-quality peanuts, natural sugar and cocoa powder were combined to produce this all new premium spread. It’s a winner for both kids and adults.

Meanwhile, Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite was rolled out to cater to diet-conscious consumers and to those who are experiencing health issues. Sweetened with all-natural, zero-calorie Stevia extract, Lily’s Peanut Spread Lite lets consumers enjoy the sweet goodness of Lily’s peanut butter sans the guilt.

Indeed, Lily’s brand has come a long way. Yet it remains true to its heritage as a healthy, natural peanut butter brand that serves as the modern Mom’s ally in creating fabulous meals and memories for Filipino families.