As promised, I will be sharing with you my Althea makeup look in this post (finally). I am not really good at makeup and it does not help that I have not put on makeup for quite some time now because of my pregnancy and business in taking care of my daughter. Thankfully, I can utilize some of my “art skills” in applying makeup because applying makeup is a form of art after all.

In this makeup look, I used the makeup I got from two Althea Boxes namely the Romantic Date Box and the Pink Vibes Set plus some other makeup.

Tony Moly Face Mix Primer Color Cushion #Lavender
Secret Key Tattoo Cover Cushion #23
Aritaum Sugarball Cushion Blusher #4 Juicy Peach
Son & Park Air Tint Lip Cube #Rose Coral
Holika Holika Piece Matching Shadow #GPK02 Cotton Candy
Cover Girl Liquid Eyeliner
Hope Girl Magic Long Long Lash Mascara
Etude House Eyebrow Color

Lavender hued primers are perfect for brightening up yellow skin and as I applied the primer onto my face, you could really see the contrast. Actually, for my makeup look in the Romantic Date Box, I only used a primer for my entire face. A full-on makeup look calls for a primer and a foundation though but if it’s just for an everyday makeup look, using just a primer will suffice.

There’s a really pink vibe going on my face right then and I personally liked what I did for my makeup look but I guess my messy hair ruins what I was aiming for. Recently, I have been religiously using the Mucota shampoo I got from Bangs Prime Salon, I will be posting my review of that shampoo soon.

Ever since I changed my liquid eyeliner, applying eye makeup is kind of trickier now. I realize now that the liquid eyeliner I got from Bloom Concepts was really easy to use because of the tip it uses. Speaking of eye makeup, I still cannot get over on how cute the eyeshadow puzzle piece design is.

Without further ado, here is my video of my Althea makeup look!