Jumiso HelloSkin Skincare Review

Dear Dreamers
Characterized by its quirky yet adorable packaging, Jumiso or Hello Skin is known for their sheet masks which depicts a girl doing various activities wherein she is always accompanied by her dog and, of course, a sheet mask.

Sheet mask addicts can relate with every activity that the sheet mask portrays, we can use sheet masks before going to bed while we’re on our phones, during yoga, while we’re watching TV, when we’re working or using our laptop and after taking a bath.

Now, I’ve recently discovered that Jumiso has other skincare products aside from sheet masks and I’m here to review them!

Jumiso Yes I Am Toner AHA 5%
First up is the Jumiso Yes I Am Toner AHA 5%. Yes, it is most definitely a Toner. It is formulated AHA for exfoliation, Panthenol for hydration boost and Lemon Myrtle for skin recovery.

I'm not a fan of toners because I don't like the stinging sensation that comes with toners. Luckily, Jumiso’s Yes I Am Toner AHA 5% is alcohol-free. Yes, it doesn’t sting at all! I’ve run out of cleansing oil so the only cleanser I have left is my cleanser that has exfoliants. I’ve decided to skip it since using two exfoliants might burden my skin.

As you can see, this toner cleans the sebum and dirt off my face. If you look clearly, the cotton pad has some seaweed bits which I used for what I was cooking. There is a super slight tingling sensation when I used the toner which I assumed was from the exfoliation.

Jumiso Sheet Mask
The next step in my Jumiso skincare routine is the Jumiso sheet mask.

Mesh sheet
One mistake I made with their sheet mask was removing the mesh sheet from the sheet mask before applying it on my face. I wondered what the mesh sheet was for and it was only after applying the sheet mask that I checked the packaging (oops).

I was supposed to apply the whole thing onto my face before removing the mesh sheet. It was only when I did it the right way did I realize just how useful the mesh sheet really was! It allows you to evenly apply the sheet mask onto your face thus minimizing the presence of bubbles, it also reduces the chance of you stretching the sheet mask too much from adjusting its position too much.

You can clearly see the difference from when I did it the wrong way and the right way!

As for the sheet mask itself, the Cupra cotton sheet feels like a second skin and also looks like one because of its translucent appearance. The essence itself has made my skin rehydrated and plump to the touch. There was still a lot of essence left in the sheet mask’s packaging which I applied on the rest of my body and yet there were still some left so if you have a container, you could transfer the extra essence and save it for another day.

Jumiso Drop The Vita C Facial Serum
With antioxidant effects of pure Vitamin C and adenosine, a healthy and bright skin awaits somber skin tones that have been touched by the Jumiso Drop The Vita C Facial Serum. Aside from improving skin tones, it whitens and improves wrinkles.

Upon applying the serum on my skin, I felt some heat on my skin. A natural phenomenon of heat sensation occurs when pure Vitamin C is absorbed into the skin. The Jumiso Drop The Vita C Facial Serum left my skin with a brightened complexion. I did make a mistake though, the Jumiso toner and the Jumiso serum is not supposed to be used together since there is a chance of skin irritation when using exfoliating products with products based on Vitamin C.

Jumiso Have A Good Cream Snail & Centella
With snail slime and centella asiatica extract, the Jumiso Have A Good Cream Snail & Centella smoothly soothes sensitive and irritated skin. Aside from soothing the skin, it also improves skin blemishes and is rich in moisture while providing skin elasticity.

If you have dry skin, this cream is perfect for you. It is a heavy cream packed with moisture and it left my skin moisturized. After an hour, my skin still feels supple and hydrated. Around five hours later, I could still feel the product on my face and my skin still felt nice and cool. If you’re into the glass skin look, using the Jumiso serum and Jumiso cream can help you achieve that.

Jumiso morning skincare routine
Cleansing oil
Jumiso Drop The Vita C Facial Serum
Jumiso Have A Good Cream Snail & Centella

Jumiso evening skincare routine
Cleansing oil
Jumiso Yes I Am A Toner AHA 5%
Jumiso Have A Good Cream Snail & Centella

Before and after

Jumiso HelloSkin
Jumiso means to give a smile which is exactly want they want to give their customers. They aim to put a smile to everyone who uses their products. Go Bloom & Glow is the official dealer of Jumiso here in the Philippines. They are a Cebu-based beauty website that sells 100% authentic Korean beauty products. You can use my code PRELY35 to get P100 off.

I was sent some Jumiso/HelloSkin samples by Go Bloom & Glow in exchange of a review. This is not a paid post, all opinions are my own.