Personalized Baby Care for Real Moms

Dear Dreamers
There are no perfect mums, just real ones. If you've been following my posts for a while now, then you'll remember my post on Facebook when Baby Dove first came out.

It goes something like this:

Motherhood. For me, it was an unexpected situation. It was something I swore I would not go through until I feel that I was mature enough or at least, beyond the age of 27.

But when life has other plans, you make do because there is someone who depends on you.

At first, it was simply overwhelming. In time, I learned that it was best to trust my instinct when it came to my baby.

I may not be a perfect mom, but it's my baby who makes me a real mom.

Baby Dove understands that a lot of first time moms have a great deal of anxiety when it comes to their baby. With the age of the internet, information on how to take care of your baby has never been easier to get your hands on but on the other, it has never been more confusing.

However, most moms have an instinctive feeling of how they should look after their baby and Baby Dove wants to give these moms the confidence to follow their intuition on how to best take care of their little one.

I was able to try both the Sensitive Moisture and Rich Moisture line of Baby Dove. The Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture is truly something. As a first time mom, we already have our hands full with our baby's skin problems but what more when your baby has extra sensitive skin?

Luckily, Baby Dove has a Sensitive Moisture line, perfect for babies who need extra special care for their extra sensitive skin. Apart from being mild and hypoallergenic, it helps minimize the risk of skin allergies. Baby Dove boasts that their Sensitive Moisture line is so gentle that it is suitable even for your newborn's skin.

When it comes to our baby, we cannot but help being sentimental. As a sentimental mom, I love keeping everything related to my baby. These personalized Baby Dove wash and lotion is the perfect give for me. Printed on the bottles of the Baby Dove products are my baby's name. It was a pleasant surprise to open this gift and to find Baby Q's name right on the bottle.

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  1. super korek po tlga ms prelel basta para sa baby gusto tlga natin ,yung best product for their skin, kaya love ko ang dove for my kids, kahit puro lalaki sila inalagaan ko padin skin nila


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