Coc Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush Review

Oval foundation brushes have gained its popularity through its promise of an airbrush finish. There is a variety of oval brushes around, each with a different use. As for foundation oval brushes, there are expensive branded ones while there are cheap unbranded ones.

Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush
I found an oval foundation brush for P180 and it's made by a well-known Korean beauty brand! I found the Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush at Althea and because it's so affordable, I got one for myself so I could finally try an oval foundation brush and find out why a lot of people like it so much. The Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush states to have been made exclusively for base makeup.

I'm not a fan of thick makeup especially if it's just for daily wear. Applying bb cream or foundation using my bare hands often leads to a thicker coverage than I desired or uneven coverage when I try to use less bb cream or foundation.

First Impressions
The brush was light in weight and it had a cover to keep dirt away when it's not in use. It's small in size which makes it easy to carry around but it's big enough for the hand to comfortably grip the handle. The top part of the handle was flexible and a little bendable so you won't have to worry about it breaking easily.

I did make a mistake when I used the foundation brush, I directly applied the bb cream onto the brush but it's better to apply the bb cream directly onto the skin before blending it using the brush.

With rounded edges and soft bristles, the brush was dense and was able to apply a thin layer of bb cream evenly to the curved parts of my face.

I usually can't even out the bb cream around the area below my eyes, but using the Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush was able to help me achieve that. As you can see on the photo, the area underneath my eyes on the right side of the photo had a more even application as compared to the left side where it was applied using my hands.

I got the Coringco Pro Skin-Adhering Foundation Brush at Althea for P180. It was part of my 3+1 haul!

Mr. Buckwheat looks so adorable with the foundation brush, they're almost the same height! By the way, I'll make a new post with all my recent hauls soon in case you've missed it on my Instagram!


  1. Wow! nice review po. un pla un kya mag trend ung oval brush kasi looks like air brush finish.. I also dream to have one din, so expensive lang talga nung iba. 😅

  2. Ayiee ang cute niya.. I loke to buy this hindi ganun ka mahal.. Para di na ko mahirapa maglagay ng cream sa face ko.. Thanks sa. Review ������

  3. Wow di sya ganoon kamahal. Natuwa po ako sa stuffed toy ang cute 😊


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